Connie Zimet Conservatory

Who is Connie Zimet?

If you don’t already know, Connie Zimet was a consummate voice over actor, singer and a pioneer in the southeast U.S. voice-over market. Her lengthy resume included commercial voice-overs for Coke, Apple, Chevrolet, Ajax, and Fresca, as well as an album version of the musical "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" as the voice of Lucy. A versatile performer, Zimet led the Miami Local of AFTRA as President from 2003-2008 and became the most sought after voice-over coach and instructor in Florida. Always seeking better ways to improve her own techniques Connie gathered and invented many interesting ways to help others do the same.

What is the Connie Zimet Conservatory?

The Connie Zimet Conservatory is an ongoing, multi-week workshop utilizing Connie’s teaching techniques, for actors and voice-over talent to hone their skills and achieve voice performances that they likely had no idea they could do. To quote Connie: 

"You're an actor when you're doing a voice-over. So, find your character, your attitude, answer what your condition is, and the voice will come out the way it should be heard. Focus on intention."

Knowing this, she created Connie’s Tool Box including Character Keys, Attitudes and Conditions. Among other things you’ll discover what “Pissed Off Zombie in a Hurry” means and how it can get you in the zone for a certain read. Connie’s techniques de-emphasize and distract the left, critical side of the brain (“Oh, that doesn’t sound right, let me start over” or, “Do I really sound that bad?”) and releases the creative, right side of the brain to relax and literally play, bringing a reality and instinct to the read which often results in some the best voice work actors have ever experienced. If it’s difficult, you’re trying too hard.

Who are Darryl Gilley & John Jay Martyn?

Darryl Gilley is one of Connie’s very grateful protégés who, in many ways, owes his own, long and successful voice-over career to his “Voice Over Guru.” Having taken repeated classes from Connie, engineered during later classes and being hand-picked by Connie to teach her classes when she no longer could, Darryl is the natural choice serve in her stead as instructor.

John Jay Martyn is the owner of Audacity Studios and an in-house producer/engineer. John has produced hundreds of voiceover and ADR sessions during his tenure at Audacity. John teaches the technical aspects of voice acting including microphone technique, what to expect at a recording session, and studio etiquiette.

Seminars (Dates to be determined based upon participant availability): 

There are two different seminars, one for first timers and one for advanced voice actors. The five hour Seminars are held on Sundays from 12:00-5:00 p.m. in Studio A at Audacity Recording and cost $175. per student. SAG/AFTRA members please call about our Union discount! There is a maximum of 6 people per Seminar.


Audacity Recording Studios
2734 Polk Street, Suite B.
Hollywood, FL 33020 

To Register: Contact Darryl Gilley @786.252.7558 or Audacity @954.920.4418 and make arrangements for payment via PayPal, personal check, money order or cash.